Background info on instructors - in English

Lori Fairbanks, Creating Keepsakes Associate Writer, is well-known in the scrapbooking industry for spotting hot new trends (CK Hot Spot) and sharing cool scrapbook tips and techniques with her readers. Over the past six years, Lori has written two reader-favorite columns (Tips and Tricks, Latest and Greatest) as well as several idea books, including Tips and Tricks, Can-Do Techniques, Easier Than Ever Scrapbooking, School Memories and more. Lori enjoys spending time with her family and friends in her hometown of Sandy, Utah.



Margie Romney-Aslett, Product Design Style Director, Making Memories

Her personality is effervescent. Her teaching style borders on stand-up comedy. And her bubbling laughter is downright infectious. So it seems appropriate that Margie Romney-Aslett’s signature color is pink. From her pink desk set and her can’t-live-without-it pink i-Pod, this Making Memories' product designer does not step outside unless she is color coordinated from her shoes and handbag, up to her self-designed earrings. "As the daughter of a 'professional shopper' and being one myself, I've developed a great sense of style" she declares. "I could teach anyone how to look like a million bucks ... for a hundred!"

With her keen eye for color, Margie is perfectly suited for creating fresh, stylish crafting materials for Making Memories. After a failed three-week experiment in waitressing, Margie found her real talent for design while teaching classes at her local scrapbooking store. Throughout her career, she has also created a jewelry line, co-authored a card inspiration book called Card Crazy, and conceived "Margie’s House" sticker and paper line, inspired by her four children’s personalities and bedrooms.

The recent Salt Lake transplant ("my best friend in Arizona is ready to kill me for moving," she says) has a unique talent beyond her hilarity and her penchant for all things coordinated. She also has an uncanny ability for finding new purpose in old material. "My desk at home is an old door – chipped paint and all – simply covered with glass," she adds. "I can find a new use for almost anything old. I guess my style isn’t trendy, but does keep ahead of the trends. I’d call my designs ‘classic – with a twist." Sounds a bit like Margie herself.



Kenna Morgan,  instruktør, Chatterbox

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho and has lived there her entire life.  Graduated from high school top Valedictorian with Honors.  Moved to Utah to go to school, and then moved back six months later to join the Chatterbox team.  Interest in scrapbooking came in high school. Has worked for Chatterbox for a year and a half and does a little bit of everything for them.  Main title is Customer Service Office Manager, so if you have a problem, you will most likely end up talking to her!   Also oversees warehouse and shipping, writes articles to be published in scrapbook magazines, creates classes for people anywhere from Australia to her own local scrapbook store, oversees credits and donations, over all international accounts and distributors who purchase from Chatterbox, creates art for Chatterbox products, and does all monthly reports regarding performance inside Chatterbox.